Vacuum is used in Industrial Automation applications, especially handling & packaging and manufacturing. Vacuum allows varied size and shaped objects to be picked up or held without any damage or bruising to the component. Our range includes single stage and multi stage vacuum pumps, flat and bellows cups and supporting vacuum accessories.

Vacuum Pumps

Our range of vacuum pumps are offered in both single stage and multi-stage products allowing you to select the correct pump for your application.

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Vacuum Cup and Bellows

Our vacuum cups are offered from 6mm to 150mm diameters, in both silicon or nitrile, with flat or bellows options.

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Vacuum Switches

Our range of electro-mechanical and electronic switches allow you to monitor your vacuum levels helping to ensure your process is efficient and optimised

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Vacuum Accessories

We offer a range of accessories to fully support our vacuum cups and bellows including flexible connectors and level compensators.

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