Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Have you ever thought, what will my machine look like with this? What will I need to do to update my assembly area if I add this ? How can I send some clear maintenance instructions – showing where the parts will fit ? Now you can with Augmented reality.

Augmented reality, allows you to take a 3D CAD model, and using a smart device view your machine, or assembly area, then you can overlay the 3D CAD image, then take a photo or a video

The CAD files for all our new and many of our existing product ranges are hosted on a platform called Cadenas. It is now possible to view these CAD files in Augmented Reality using their 3D Find it viewer.

To access our CAD in Augmented Reality

Go to the 3Dfint it website at :-

Note: - You will need an iPhone or Android device or an Ipad that has facial recognition.

  • In the search bar – type in IMI Precision
  • You will then be presented with all of our products.
  • Once you then select a product edit the table for the sizes and options you want.  Update the window.
  • Look for the “AR” which will scroll down from the 3D window.
  • Select this, it will ask if it can use you’re the camera.
  • Find a flat surface and you will see you product appear.

Once the object is in place you should be able to move it around with one finger and two fingers you can scale it.

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