Proportional Valves

Proportional valves are sometimes referred to as I/P or E/P convertors. They convert a variable current or voltage signal into a proportional compressed air output.

We offer a range of functions including open loop control, closed loop control, fail freeze options as well as ATEX options and the ability to program some of the functions and parameters.

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Three way, closed loop proportional valve using air piloted glandless spool technology. Ideally suited to general purpose industrial pressure control applications requiring high flow and fast response time.

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Combination of proven glandless spool valve and air pilot technology with a digital display. Ideally suited to industrial process control applications for ease of installation and life servicing.

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Digital closed-loop proportional valve enhancing proven spool and pilot technologies. Digital interface allows end-user modification to all parameters including, language, pressure range and response. Ideally suited to general purpose industrial pressure control applications requiring precise customising to ensure optimum system output and quality.

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Low Power Proportional current to pressure and voltage to pressure converters. Reliable, rugged, open loop control. ATEX certified units are available as intrinsically safe. Suited to both Industrial and Process control applications.

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422 Fail Freeze

Uniquely available as the only ATEX Intrinsically Safe fail freeze proportional valve in the world; ATEX IS means that this device can operate safely in hazardous environments and can even pilot flammable media such as natural gas or methane.

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5/3 open-loop proportional flow control valve. Direct operated spool with microprocessor driven position control. Closed loop on request. Excellent regulation of the centre position (very small overlap). Optional Software VP-Tool allows Enduser modification of Parameters like center position, valve function, set point.

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Three-way closed loop proportional pressure control valve with microprocessor controlled seat valve. Available in two body sizes ND8 and ND16. Optional Software VP-Tool allows End-user modification of parameters like pressure range, set point, controller properties. Optional Fieldbus control capability; Two colour LED-display.

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Miniature Proportional current to pressure and voltage to pressure converters. Using proven low Power Pilot Technology. Suited to applications where size matters.

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140 Failsafe

Proportional current to pressure closed loop converter, intrinsically safe with ATEX, FM and CSA approvals. Failsafe operation so that in the event of a control signal failure output pressure falls to zero. Ideally suited to process control applications in hazardous environments where certified products are required.

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