Fluid Control Valves

Fluid Control Valves control the flow of a medium through a system, and are also commonly known as Process Valves. Found in a wide variety of applications from medical to automotive to process, applications typically involve the transfer of fluids and/or solids in a pipe around a system. The medium could be compressed air, industrial gas, or other substances such as acids, alkalis, fuel or steam.

To support these applications, Norgren supply an extensive range of high quality fluid control solutions from our industry leading brands - Buschjost, FAS, Herion and Maxseal. These include miniature solenoid valves, pilot operated valves, flange valves, NAMUR valves and more.

With comprehensive knowledge of industry standards and certifications, we offer valves made from a wide range of materials such as brass, anodised aluminium and stainless steel that are suited for use in explosive environments, at extreme temperatures and pressures, and with aggressive fluids.

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Indirect Acting Solenoid Valves

The pressure difference of the operating fluid in the system is used to open and close the valve. They are commonly used in systems open to atmosphere.

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Direct Acting Solenoid Valves

These valves do not require an operating or differential pressure in the system to open or close as they are directly actuated by the solenoid. We offer valves suited for use with neutral and aggressive gases, and liquids.

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Pressure Operated Valves

This type of valve is actuated by a separate pilot valve which controls the pressure acting on a piston seat or diaphragm. It can be used with contaminated process fluid and includes vacuum options.

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Motorised Valves

A motor actuates the valve moving two ceramic discs through 90 ̊proportional to the input signal. Motorised valves are used wherever precise and accurate adjustment, typically of flow rate, is needed.

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Dust Filter Valves

Uses the air blasting technique to clean Dust filters and Dust collector systems. The valve produces a short, intense pulse of air that is blasted in to the soiled filter element. Dust and dirt is loosened from the filter element and can then be removed from the system.

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