Return Material Request Form

Please complete the returns form below. Submitted forms are sent to customer service who will respond within 2 working days.
Customer Information
Product Information
Number of days
Reason for return
(Subject to handling Fees)
(Subject to quotation and approval)
Product description
Product Description text
(Charge may be applied if customer error )
Legal Regulations for the protection of the environment and personnel require that you include the completed and signed goods return declaration with your dispatch documents
If this declaration is not completed or inlcuded with the dispatch documents, your return will not be processed!
If the valve / device was operated with poisonous, corrosive, flammable, aggresstive or water endangering media, all parts exposed must be emtied carefully, decontamintaed and rinsed. Use approperiate packagaing; label it with the media details.
Medium; Please tick the relevant warning labels (and add material safety data sheet)
Failure to comply with the result in refusal of shipment or return at shippers's expense.
  1. All packages must have approved RMA# (see above) clearly marked outside, and a copy of this completed form inside
  2. The RMA# is valid for 30 days (North America) or 60 days (International)
  3. All returned goods are the be sent via PREPAID shipping method.
  4. Items help >30 days from repair quote date, waiting for customer approval or instructions, are subject to return /disposal
I hereby declare that the information supplied is correct and that the returned parts are in compliance with safety regulations. There is no danger from the remains of media for persons or the environment.


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