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We’re the instrumentation engineers, setting the standard for safety, reliability and durability for over 80 years.

From offshore oil and gas platforms to refineries and chemical plants, you’ll find our precision components at the heart of the energy and chemical industry’s most marvellous machines – with market leading fluid control products tackling the most extreme operating conditions and engineering challenges on the planet.

At the heart of our offering are stainless steel solenoid valves, air preparation quipment, pneumatic and hydraulic pressure switches, I/P and E/P convertors, 2/2 and 3/2 process valves and redundant valve manifold systems (RVM).

Our work with leading national and international oil and gas companies and global suppliers means that we can talkour customers’ language and can bring specialised experience about legislation, standards and specification.


Compressed Natural Gas

Find out how our market-leading products offer solutions to meet the specific needs of the compressed natural gas industry.


Oil & Gas

Find out how our product offering covers a wide range of applications including onshore and offshore extraction and distribution.



Discover our application knowledge and proven technology to design and manufacture nuclear class valves for safety related applications on nuclear power plants globally.


Power Generation

FInd out how we have helped power generation customers to reduce the life cost of critical gas and steam turbine systems whilst improving reliability.