Directional Control Valves

In industrial automation, valves can be as simple or complex as required. We have one of the worlds largest ranges of valves ranging from those used in everyday applications to a version with an MTBF value of over 800 years.

Our brand names associated with our valve ranges include Norgren, Buschjost Herion, FAS and Maxseal.

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Valve Islands

Valve Islands are a collection of valves mounted into one unit, reducing pipework, electrical connections and complexity.

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Sub-Base Valves

Sub-base valves enable allow you to replace valves quickly and easily when required, removing the valve from the base without disturbing pipework systems.

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Inline Valves

Inline valves are probably the most common type of valve used in automation systems and as their names suggests these fit directly in the individual line of each industrial automation application.

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Manual/Mechanical Valves

These are the ranges of valves where the process operator or a physical stop on machine operates the valve.

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Flow Control Valves

Our range of flow control valves are suitable for a wide variety of tubing diameters and offer high flow performance, ideal for controlling the speed of any application.

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Non-Return Valves

Our range of non-return valves are suitable for a wide variety of tubing diameters and offer free flow of air in one direction only.

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