Industrial Gas

Industrial Gas

We supply valves, regulators and pressure control solutions to the industrial gas market for a range of applications. For over 40 years, we have been using our technical expertise and experience to solve the challenges our customers in the industrial gas market face.



Gas Supply

Our pressure regulators, check valves, filters and solenoid valves are used in gas supply applications to reduce pressure from bulk source to the required delivery pressure.

Delivery pressure can be controlled manually via our spring or dome loaded controllers or automatically via our Proportional Pressure Control Technology, even in hazardous areas.

We have an expert knowledge of handling Industrial Gases including inert, oxidising, flammable and corrosive gases.

Transportable Applications

We supply a range of pressure regulators and valves to be used onboard gas delivery trailers. Our products are used for both pressure regulation and in safety critical applications.

Typical applications include:

  • Emergency Shut down systems
  • Primary shut-off
  • Pressure reduction from 600 barg from gas delivery trailers
  • Hydrogen cylinder mounted multi-function valves at 700barg
  • Slam shut valves for rapid cut off of gas flow
Cylinder Filling

Valves, regulators and manifolds used in cylinder filling systems are typically custom engineered to suit the requirements of each customer.

Our technical team have experience designing custom fill, vent and vacuum manifolds for filling a single gas or gas mixtures. We also offer isolation valves, check valves and proportional pressure controllers for integration into filling systems.

Our range of valves are also tested under adiabatic shock for oxygen service and hold CTE certification.



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Pressure Regulators

Our range includes both spring loaded and dome loaded regulators from medium to high pressure. Spring loaded regulators are quick and easy to adjust and provide a good level of control whereas dome loaded regulators offer superior performance at the expense of ease of adjustment. Our range covers port sizes from ¼” to 5” and inlet pressures up to 750 bar, typical materials are stainless steel, aluminium, and nodular iron.

Back pressure regulators

We offer a range of back pressure regulators (also known as pressure maintaining valves) which in many cases mirrors our regulator range. Our range covers port sizes from 3/8” to 3” and inlet pressures up to 300 bar, typical materials are stainless steel, aluminium, and nodular iron.

Solenoid valves

Our IMI Maxseal product range includes a full range of solenoid valves, that are some of the most reliable solenoid valves available today being SIL 3 capable and having a long history of reliable service.

Check Valves

Our N08 range of check valves are available in 316L Stainless steel as standard and Aluminium Bronze versions are also available in connection sizes starting at ¼”. These valves have a maximum inlet pressure of 413 Bar and lift pressures from 0.5 Bar.


We offer rugged, all stainless steel filters often used to protect sensitive downstream equipment such as valves and regulators. These filters are suitable for gas service and have connection sizes from 3/8” to 1 ½”. Maximum working pressure is up to 550 Bar dependent on size.