The Future of Hydrogen

Solutions for the Hydrogen Value Chain

Norgren offers an extensive range of high quality components and complete system solutions to tackle the biggest challenges currently facing hydrogen applications.

The Norgren Hydrogen Portfolio includes a complete range of fluid and process control components specifically designed with hydrogen in mind.

Suitable for production, refuelling, on-vehicle, and stationary fuel cell applications, our products are designed to provide leading performance and maximum safety for pressures up to 1050 bar.

Reduce complexity, simplify assembly and improve safety in your hydrogen application

Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

An essential element in the successful up take and ongoing management of hydrogen use across many applications is the necessity to ensure that hydrogen refuelling stations can be implemented and economically operated as efficiently as possible .  A combination of electrical actuation, component integration, and system serviceability can help reduce system complexity, while delivering tangible cost and operational benefits to inform financial decision making. We understand the market trends, engineering challenges, and hydrogen standards and specifications that matter.

Electrolysis & green hydrogen

We are a specialised partner to suppliers across the hydrogen value chain, and our application specialists have the expertise to tackle the biggest challenges in the Balance of Plant of next generation electrolysers. With solutions providing pure water solutions, explosion proof components, precise flow control and all the certifications required by the industry to increase efficiency and reduce the time spent on homologation.

Fuel Cells

Hydrogen, as a fuel source, is set to play an increasingly crucial role helping the commercial vehicle industry to address the ongoing environmental challenges they face, particularly achieving net reductions in CO2 emissions from heavy duty vehicles and buses. The developments of hydrogen fuel cell technology and performance will offer companies a pathway to successfully operate zero emission vehicles going forward.  Our market leading products combine to create an extensive range of proven valve and pressure control solutions for BoP in Fuel Cells.

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