Greenbrook Automations

Greenbrook Automations

Greenbrook Automations design and manufacture latex dipping plant equipment. Based in Chesterfield, England they have been using IMI Norgren products on their machines for over 28 years.

Gloves, balloons, football bladders – if it can be dipped with latex, Greenbrook Automations builds a machine to make it. Their wide range of machines demands a wide range of IMI Norgren valves and cylinders, including the new IMI Norgren ISOLine. The variety of cylinders includes diameters from 20 millimeters to upwards of 150 millimeters, with varying strokes, speeds and specialized capabilities.

Based in Chesterfield, England, Greenbrook has customers all around the world, so IMI Precision Engineering’s global supply and service coverage is important to their success.

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