How to use our new glossary

How to use our new glossary

By Martin Lissenburg, Product Specialist

On occasions, terms will appear where I'm not completely sure about the meaning, particularly acronyms. A web search often provides a host of possibilities, most not connected with my area of interest. This is where a specific Glossary can save time and frustration. 

We felt that some of our customers and browsers may feel the same; so our experts have produced a glossary aimed specifically at pneumatics users and engineers in general.

Where is it?

Once on the IMI Precision Engineering website pass the cursor over the Technical Support tab; a menu will appear and Glossary can be seen at the bottom of the second column. Click on 'Glossary' and it will open.

How do I use it?

Very straightforward and intuitive. The information is organised with '0 to 9' at the top, then alphabetically from A to Z. If the definition or explanation you require begins with 'A', for example Air Spring, click on the arrow in box 'A' and the definition will be part of all the possible enquiries beginning with 'A'; for this example, "Uses air from within the system to return the spool". Similarly for enquiries beginning with all other letters or numbers.

What's in the Glossary?

The content is aimed to be relevant to users of pneumatic systems, but also contains general engineering definitions; for example information on thread types, quality statistics, material types and some electrical definitions. The intention is for the Glossary to grow with regular updates; please feel free to let us know if a term has caused you confusion and would be a good addition to the Glossary.

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