Rotary Valves

Rotary Valves

Our Kloehn rotary valves are designed with analytical and diagnostic instrumentation in mind. We offer an array of complex multi-port rotary valves to help optimize your fluidic circuit.

Rotary valves are available from 2-way to 12-way in a variety of flow path configurations: distribution, non-distribution, loop, and custom porting.

Standard orifices are 0.059” and 0.076” and accommodate ¼-28 threaded fittings. Inert pathways are standard in either PTFE & PCTFE or alumina ceramic. Custom geometries, materials, and porting are available upon request.

PTFE and PCTFE valves are the most economical offering with a reliable performance even when used with harsh chemicals. Ceramic options provide the longest life performance and are suitable for use with aggressive media and fluids with particulate. Customizations with PEEK are available upon request.

Flow path configurations

Precision Dispense Pumps

Our rotary valves are designed to work with our 3cm and 6cm stroke syringe pumps.

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