Compressed Air Dryers

Rail Compressed Air Dryers

Our revolutionary air dryers with patented AMT technology offer outstanding levels of performance and reliability delivering a step change in compressed air applications in the rail industry.

With a life span of up to ten years - significantly more than even the best performing alternatives - our patented Adsorbent Media Tube (AMT) dryer advances significantly over both desiccant and membrane systems.

Vibration resistant and suitable in both horizontal and vertical installations, the result is a product which dries better than any current solution.

  • Service life of up to 30,000 hours (ten years)
  • Compact and flexible design which can be mounted horizontally and vertically
  • Typical dew point suppression of 40°C

We talk extensively to maintenance professionals and work closely with rail engineers to answer the questions they ask. That means we offer customised, practical solutions to the metro, intercity, high-speed, freight and permanent-way rail industries.

New York City Transit Case Study

NYC Transit engineeers noticed that moisture in compressed air was causing mechanical problems on subway cars downstream. They saw the performance of OEM pressure swing dryers gradually decline.

As opposed to conventional desiccant beads, which when water-saturated cannot be regenerated, our AMT dryer uses a polymer to form hollow tubes impervious to moisture.

This design delivers higher moisture uptake and faster purging, without degrading the dryer media, improving both performance and longevity.

We designed a test consisting of a multi-stage filtration system that removes particulate contaminants as well as the water vapour removed by the AMT dryer.

NYC Transit replaced the conventional pressure swing dryers with these AMT test units on a complete train and ran them under normal conditions. After 12 months of operation in the extreme temperatures and humidity of New York city, test results showed that air leaving the dryerswas as dry as when the system was first installed, with no decay or reduction in water removal capabilities.

Metro trains Melbourne on the right track with AMT Dryer solution

Compressed air is vital when it comes to ensuring that essential applications on railway networks keep moving. Braking systems, pneumatically operated doors, self-levelling suspension, pantographs and even the train’s horn, are all reliant on clean compressed air to operate effectively and reliably.

Tackling this issue has seen Norgren work with the Metro Trains Melbourne network based in Melbourne, Australia which carries over 240 million passengers each year. Norgren has developed an innovative compressed air dryer solution that will enhance the operational efficiency and ongoing reliability of Metro Train’s Comeng fleet of 68 six-carriage rolling stock.

Working with Norgren, Metro Trains Melbourne embarked on a six-month trial using six of the company’s AMT dryers in order to test the relative humidity levels. While the initial trial went well, with recorded relative humidity levels reduced from 70% to approximately 10-20%, Norgren was keen to develop a new solution which could also address the challenge of pressure drop during the compressor off-cycle purge.

Norgren developed a new AMT integrated twin dryer, resolving the problem of the pressure drop, as one side of the twin chambers is purging at any given time during the compressor on-cycle. This meant the air purging wasn’t occurring during the compressor off-cycle, and that acceptable pressure levels could be maintained whilst the compressor was not running.

In addition, the integration of control valves within the dryer assembly, meant there is no requirement for separate installation of key components which, has helped to significantly reduce installation time.

Despite an original twin AMT dryer installation completion date of late 2020 across the entire fleet, the efficiencies and simplicity afforded by the integrated design has meant that the full fleet will have the new solution well ahead of the original completion date.

Watch the video to see how a multi-stage filtration system incorporating our AMT dryer delivers a continous supply of clean, dry compressed air.

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