Webinar Pressure Switches

Webinar: Thursday 9th July 11 am BST

Norgren Guide to Pressure Switches and Sensors

Join our next webinar to learn about the key considerations for selection and usage of Pressure Switches.

Pressure switches are used across industry in applications that range from general purpose to very specialist but they are often the overlooked component in a pneumatic system.  Appropriate use offers real operational benefits through improved safety, process monitoring & feedback or improvements to control sensitivity.

  • But what are the key factors that influence product choice?
  • Where can a switch or sensor really make a difference and what advantages can you expect to benefit from through use of our latest products?

In this webinar, our Technical Specialists will establish some fundamentals around the products, provide application examples and appraise several of the core switches and sensors available from Norgren.

Running time will be no longer than 40 minutes and of course there will be plenty of time for questions.

The webinar is taking place at 11am on Thursday 9th July.
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