NFPA Series SS Stainless Steel Cylinder, 4 Bore x 12" Stroke, Front Flange (MF1) Mount, Adjustable End of Stroke Cushions

Item: SG12A-A04-EMA00
  • Dimensionally interchangeable to other NFPA cylinder manufacturer's
  • High corrosion and acid resitant stainless steel construction, ideal for applications in the food industry
  • Rated for "no lube added" service, doesn't require inline lubrication
  • Integrated mounting for simplified ordering
  • Precisioned machined from the finest materials for durability and long life
  • Adjustable cushion has captive cushion needle
Operation:Double acting
Stroke length:12"
Port size:1/2" NPT
Cylinder diameter:4"
Cushioning:Adjustable cushioning
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Technical Details

Media:Compressed air
Port size:1/2" NPT
Operation:Double acting
Cylinder diameter:4"
Stroke length:12"
Cushioning:Adjustable cushioning
Non magnetic or magnetic:Non-magnetic
Body:Stainless steel
Piston rod material:Chrome plated stainless steel
Piston rod thread:3/4 x 16
Operating temperature:-20 ... 200 °F
Barrel:Stainless steel
Maximum Operating Pressure:250.0 psig


Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -