Custom Cab Solutions

Our pneumatic and electronic controls for the cabs of commercial vehicles are precision engineered for functionality, durability and reliability. The compact designs occupy minimal space behind the dashboard, blending with the overall design of the dashboard and interior with custom-designed graphics and lighting options available.

Innovative features include push-to-connect fittings, non-contact electrical switching and microprocessor-based functions. Common applications include:

  • Seat height and lumbar control
  • Air horns
  • Pneumatic switches
  • Axle lift control
  • Solenoid valves and valve arrays
  • Manual pneumatic control valves
  • CAN connectivity

Seat control systems

Our advanced pneumatic seat control systems are desired for their functionality, performance, ease of integration, and cost savings associated with electrical-controlled designs. We provide a variety of solutions available for controlling functions such as height, lumbar, electro-pneumatic damper control, and auto-memory.

  • Tip-over safety valves allow easy exit in the event of a partial or complete rollover
  • High-specification memory can store the preferred seat position of several different drivers
  • Levelling systems offer automatic leakage compensation
  • Rapid dump valve quickly deflates the seat’s air bag for easier ingress and egress

Manual pneumatic control valves

Customized to meet our customers’ ergonomic requirements, our valves are capable of withstanding aggressive environments and continued operation, with integrated tube connections to reduce costs, air usage and assembly time. Some our custom valves include:

  • Trailer brake custom (proportional control valve)
  • Part brake interlock (prevent accidental release)
  • Work brake (energy efficient for demanding application)