Custom Chassis Solutions

Our pneumatic control solutions comply with all regulatory requirements for use in primary and auxiliary applications and are proven to reduce leakage, improve reliability and lower total cost of ownership.

High performance, stackable solenoid valves have a single air supply when mounted in multi array, while manifolds reduce the overall weight and footprint.

Solenoid valves and valve arrays

Chassis-mounted, high-performance solenoid valves with ‘twist and lock’ stackable features that have a single air supply when mounted in multi array. Valves are remotely actuated from electric switches mounted in the dashboard, and connected via standard electrical harnesses:

  • Differential lock
  • Exhaust brake
  • Horn signal
  • Lift axle
  • Power take-off
  • Split / range
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Lift axle control

Chassis-mounted lift axle control module for heavy duty trucks and trailers integrates two industry-proven, brake-style relay valves in a single unit with excellent flow capability for rapid axle actuation. Our lift axle control module is available in either electrical or air-pilot operated versions and can be mounted directly on the transmission.

Intelligent Lift Axle Control

One our newest innovations, the Intelligent Lift Axle Control Module (iLACM™) combines our highly successful lift axle control module with Bluetooth technology via a configurable app to automatically deploy and retract lift axles based on preset load settings.

DOT Fittings

Unique push-to-connect fittings allow air brake and auxiliary tubing connections to be made in seconds. Our fittings fully complement our other vehicle solutions, leading to reduced end-of-line leakage, and improving fuel economy:

  • Robust design proven over the last 30 years on-board vehicles used in airbrake, auxiliary and powertrain applications
  • Multi-tooth collet and rigid tube support to maximize grip in extreme temperatures
  • Internal tube structure that reduces the risk of impact damage
  • Pre-applied thread sealant and metric straight thread ‘O’ ring options available
  • Brass fittings suitable for use under extreme conditions of pressure and temperature


Designed for the passing of air in and out of the cab, the manifold creates a distribution point for multiple air connections and a single installation point for pressure switches. Integrated tube connections provide increased productivity and reliability, reducing leak paths, overall weight and footprint. Each manifold is created specifically to the customer’s needs.

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