Lift Axle Controls

Lift Axle Controls

Integrated lift axle control solutions for chassis air systems on heavy duty trucks and trailers.

Lift Axle Control Module

  • Provides full pneumatic control
  • Provides excellent flow capability for rapid axle actuation and is available with an optional control solenoid for electric control
  • Includes two industry proven brake style relay valves
  • Integrated into a single unit for compactness and ease of installation
  • More robust than commonly used spool valves that can suffer from contamination and temperature extremes
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Intelligent Lift Axle Control Module

  • Lift Axle Control Module with intelligent technology through an app
  • Offers rapid and consistent deployment and retraction of lift axles
  • Bluetooth-enabled app allows for quick set-up and functionality to set target threshold pressures, configure overload warning, check system diagnostics, troubleshoot, and install software updates
  • Control and monitor onboard load settings to help reduce the risk of overload fines, optimize loads for maximum traction, and improve overall driver safety

Trailer Lift Axle Valve

  • Specially designed for reliable trailer lift axle application operation in hot and cold weather
  • Two industry-proven valves integrated into a single unit for compactness and ease of installation
  • Trailer cross-member mounted

Nugget 200 Solenoid and Air Actuated Spool Valves

  • Lightweight, one-piece aluminum spool and nitrile seal assembly
  • Rugged solenoid, air, manual, or mechanic operators
  • Long lasting spool design
  • High flow compact valves
  • Four mounting styles: inline, stacking valve assemblies, stacking valve assemblies with junction box, and fixed length manifold
  • Wide range of operators and voltages available
  • Three functional types: 3/2, 5/2, and 5/3 configurations available
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Find out more about our lift axle control system by downloading a copy of our spec sheet.

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