Custom Powertrain Transmission Technology

Our custom transmission solutions provide pneumatic assistance on manual transmissions and high-performance solenoid valve technology for automated manual transmission (AMT). They are built to be reliable, robust and lighter weight.

Transmission gear-shifting control module

A compact unit that incorporates all pneumatic functions into one module for assisted transmission control:

  • Based upon our approved cartridge solenoid valve system
  • Central power supply – pneumatic and electric
  • Direct mount to customer’s specific footprint

Retarder control valves

Our pneumatic control unit for retarder features a compact integrated design, comprising proportional control valve, pressure sensor, safety shut-off valve and single connector – all in one high-performance, high-technology unit:

  • Reduced customer assembly time
  • Direct mount to customer’s specific footprints
  • Design is fully integrated into the retarder

Manual transmission control

  • Shift inhibit: Protects transmission from driver abuse and prevents down shifting at the incorrect RPM
  • Filter regulator: Regulates chassis air for use on the transmission
  • Double ‘H’ valve: assists gear shift between high/low range and can be mounted directly on the transmission

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