Hydrogen Electrolysis

What if you could take your electrolyser design to the next level – simply, safely and efficiently? With Norgren’s innovative range of fluid control solutions, you can. Say goodbye to the hours wasted on sizing the right fluid control solutions and the hassle that comes with assembling parts that don't play well together.




Norgren’s innovative solutions use a reduced number of components, saving you both space and time when it comes to installation and maintenance.


Norgren components are specially designed for hydrogen applications and come with all the required global certifications, guaranteeing total safety.



We use our comprehensive knowledge of industry standards and certifications to design low power consumption valves made from a wide range of quality materials, enabling you to increase your stack and system efficiency.


Solutions tailored for hydrogen

Solenoid Diaphragm Valve

Norgren's solenoid-operated diaphragm and piston valves have been used to reduce leakage points in hydrogen generation applications – whether they’ve been installed in the anode and cathode (with 30% KOH fluid) draining system, or in the Hydrogen to Oxygen/Oxygen to Hydrogen supplying loops.



Norgren’s manifolds are a collection of valves, regulators and filters integrated into one unit. They reduce pipework, electrical connections, complexity and are configured individually to suit your needs and application.


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Invest your resources in what really matters by simplifying your design.

Leakage Points

Reduce the number of leakage points and increase your overall safety levels.


A simpler design is not only safer but also easier to maintain.


An optimised footprint will help you achieve your scale-up targets faster.




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