Precision Dispense Pumps

We offer reliability, precision, speed and flexibility through our selection of precision dispense pumps for high throughput or continuous flow and for a broad range of fluid chemistries.

We are committed to understanding the diversity of fluidic dispensing requirements for the precision fluidic control market. Quality, reliability and engineering support is guaranteed to all of our customers.

Whether dispensing for high throughput applications or for smoother continuous flow, Kloehn pumps are designed to offer superior precision and accuracy, longer working life, flexibility and material variety for a broad range of fluid chemistry and viscosity.

Syringe pumps are offered both with and without intelligence (electronics) for your preferred control. To configure the pump to ensure the right dispensing performance for your application, a large variety of rotary valves, solenoid valves and syringe sizes are compatible with each pump type.


Cadent 3 Syringe Pumps

Cadent 3cm pumps are perfect for applications that require high performance in a small footprint. Offering the widest range of operational speeds and ultra low flow capabilities, the Cadent 3 is the optimal choice.

Multi-Channel Pumps

Featuring 1-8 channels for simultaneous dispense, the multi-channel pump offers the accuracy and reliability of the stepper motor driven pumps, with the flexibility to handle any application's fluidic needs.

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