Valve Driver

Intellect II Valve Driver

The Intellect II is a programmable precision fluid directional driver. It utilizes a non-volatile user program memory and system input/output.

The Intellect II is designed with the flexibility and versatility to meet a variety of system configurations. It can be used as a stand-alone controller, or integrated into a system. The module is capable of simple closed loop control of an external quantity or process without the need of an external controller for direction.

Mechanically, the Intellect II is driven via stepper motor. It can be coupled with a variety of valves to meet specific needs. Intellect II communications are through RS232 or RS485 and can interface with other Kloehn pump devices. This allows you to mix Cadent 3 pumps, V6 pumps, and Intellect II valve drivers in any combination of up to 15 units on a single bus to meet specific requirements.

  • Multiple valve choices: 2 to 12 port configurations
  • RS232 or RS485 communication
  • Stand-alone driver or integrated system
  • Variety of wetted materials for fluid compatibility

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