Proportional Pinch Valves

Proportional Pinch Valves

Acro PE-900 Series electric proportional pinch valves offer accurate control of flow and pressure through an electrically controlled motorised valve.

Acro 900 Series Proportional Pinch Valve

Our standard pinch valves are designed to be either fully opened or closed, but there is a growing number of applications where proportional and more accurate control of the fluid within the tube is required. For this, we have developed the Acro PE-900 Series motor controlled pinch valve. The pinch valve is controlled by a high force, high accuracy linear drive with integrated encoder.

Proportional Pinch Valve Benefits:


  • Provides a robust solution for accurate closed loop proportional control and precision fluid management
  • Dependable, compact and cost-effective solution
  • Pinch head designed for washdown and clean rooms
  • Controls high media/fluid pressures up to 75 psig (5.2 barg)
  • Flexible tubing sizes from 0.063” to 1.625” O.D. (1.6 mm to 41.3 mm)
  • Support tubing durometer up to 75 Shore A

Pinch Valve Benefits:

  • Designed for Bio-Pharma, Bio-Processing, Food and Beverage and Industrial applications where sterility and wash down procedures are needed.
  • Offer reliability and performance when working with hard or larger diameter tubing that requires stronger pinch forces.
  • Specifically designed for disposable tubing
  • Each model contains an easy snap-in tube slot for quick loading and unloading procedures
  • Optional safety caps are available on certain models to address operational hazards
  • Improve your batch yield efficiency and quality


  • Designed for closed loop control for most accurate and predictable performance
  • Software pre-loaded for easy set-up and operation
  • RoHS/CE Compliant
  • High resolution encoder feedback
  • DIN rail mountable (controller only)
  • Noise Level 50 dbA Maximum

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