Tri-Axis Transfer Press

Tri-Axis Transfer Press

Our Applications and Design Team simulates part motion through a press line to determine in advanced any potential clearance issues or flow interference in your Tri-axis Press.

We review the three axes of movement - clamp, lift and pitch - to transfer a blank efficiently through a series of dies and ensure maximum SPM (strokes per minute) and a quick start-up during installation and changeovers.

We have the widest selection of tooling available for the Tri-axis press including:

  • PGS Grippers, which deliver the highest grip force in the most compact size.
  • Dial-a-Lok, Versa and Featherweight tooling combine ease of adjustability with high strength and durability.
  • Easy Load, LRR/ LRA and TRR/ TRA receiver/ adapter systems for a fast and easy disconnect of fingers during job changeovers.
  • Double Blank Analyzer (DBA) systems prevent double blank transfer to avoid costly die crashes and downtime.

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