Buses & Coaches

Buses & Coaches

Passenger comfort and safety on today’s modern buses and coaches remains a high priority. We supply a range of reliable and robust control valves for door-opening systems and kneeling and leaning systems designed to operate in extreme temperatures.

  • Door open / close system
  • Kneeling and leaning systems for easy passenger access
  • Emergency door control
  • Articulated bus safety and damping systems
  • Battery cooling for hybrid buses
  • Urea tank heater
  • DOT FMVSS / DIN 74324 brake fittings
  • Fuel filler caps (vented/non-vented)
  • Safety systems

Door opening systems

Our pioneering pneumatic control door-opening system for buses and coaches offers:

  • A complete, customised system built from two components: door opening block and pneumatic cylinders
  • Integrated safety functions, including a manual override option and an automatic reverse function for obstacle detection
  • Emergency valves

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