We have supplied push-in fittings for brake systems into the truck and trailer market for over 35 years. As requirements have become more sophisticated we have developed our pneumatic capabilities to suit a wide range of applications.

  • DOT FMVSS / DIN 74324 brake fittings
  • Fifth wheel applications
  • Control panels and cabinets
  • Pneumatic interlocks for safety critical applications
  • Extendable trailer applications
  • Safety handrail control
  • ATEX-rated process valves for tankers
  • Air preparation equipment
  • Lubrication manifold
  • Pneumatic pilot system for hydraulics
  • Load cover / automatic sheeting control
  • Tailgate control
  • Variable tank volume and evacuation control
  • Suction control

Bulk liquid tankers

Bulk liquid tankers have multiple applications and requirements for both pneumatic and fluid control. Access to the top of the tanker is typically required for a variety of reasons: valve operation, measuring levels, checking and inspection.

We have a range of valves, cylinders and components used in the raising and lowering of safety rails on top of bulk liquid tankers to ensure that the operator is protected when working on top of the vehicle.

Trailer length variation

Operators have developed their fleet to accommodate ever-changing demands on the loads and containers which they are hauling on our roads today. To ensure maximum efficiencies gained when operating a large fleet of trailers, extendable trailers have been developed to meet these demands.

The trailer length can be adjusted using a pneumatic system comprising cylinders and valves. Dependent on customer requirements, once the new trailer length has been achieved, it is locked into position either mechanically or pneumatically.

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