Couplings & Nose Cones

Couplings & Nose Cones

Our special cylinders and customized control systems for carriage coupling and uncoupling are specifically designed to deliver reliable performance, reduce complexity and size, and meet low temperature needs.

Pneumatic Components in Nose Cones
  • Opening and closing actuators
  • Special locking actuators including integrated switches and central electric connector
  • Valves or modular control unit including filtration, pressure regulation and manual valves
Pneumatic Components on Couplings
  • Control manifolds and actuation for locking/unlocking function
  • Valve control and motion of the electric head
  • Valve control of telescope coupler shank

Case Study

The nose cones of high-speed trains must open for coupling and decoupling. A global designer and manufacturer of coupling systems wanted to reduce the complexity of the pneumatic circuits and the number of components required to open the nose cone.

They wanted an integrated pneumatic system that was modular, compact and effective at low temperatures.

We designed a new locking cylinder to move the doors of the nose cover. We combined existing valves, and other proven components on a custom base plate, to create a single manifold assembly that controls the entire nose cone coupling system - no need to source multiple components from various suppliers.

The compact pneumatic platform can be configured to fit into any nose cone design, with the easy-to-install integrated until eliminating extra wiring and tubing to make installation faster.

This pneumatic assembly operates at -40°C, meeting a key high-speed rail requirement, and allowing the OEM to standardize offering across the globe.

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