Pressure Switches

Rail Pressure Switches

We have a range of pressure switches designed to meet the stringent requirements of the rail industry.

21D Pressure Switch


The IMI Norgren 21D electro mechanical all-fluid pressure switch has been designed to monitor pressure levels in a variety of rail system applications, such as rail vehicle brakes, pantographs, compressor control, shoe gear, air suspension, horn operation and many others.

The 21D is manufactured from carefully selected high-performance materials, including gold plated or silver plated switch contacts, which address varying accuracy and current draw ratings up to 10A, as well as hard wearing silicone for the diaphragm – to maximise performance and component life-span.

The 21D has an IP65 rating to EN 60529 to maintain the integrity of the system against contamination or damage from fluids and solids. It also offers a high number of switching cycles, with optimum accuracy and repeatability of +3% of the final pressure value which is maintained over the whole life of the product.

The modular design allows for different mounting options and electrical interfaces as well as a wide choice of single pole and double pole switching logics. The micro switches used provide a long life, high accuracy and have been approved by UL/CSA.



    • High accuracy
    • Minimal drift over lifetime (1,000,000 cycles)
    • Easily adjustable independent upper and lower pressure settings (adjustable hysteresis)
    • Robust design
    • Ease of adjustment
    • High technology production cell
    • Designed specifically for Rail Sector
    • On request:
        • Customised labelling
        • Customised part numbering and serial number control
        • Factory pre-setting
        • Special adaptations
        • Direct replacement for many existing switches

19S Pressure Sensor


The IMI Norgren 19S all fluid pressure sensor can be used in a variety of rail system applications.
The 19S is manufactured from carefully selected high performance materials, including a stainless steel housing. The 19S has an IP67 rating to EN 60529 to maintain the integrity of the sensor against contamination or damage from fluids and solids. It is also EMC rated to EN 61000-6-2 and EN 61000-6-3 conforming to RL 3004/108/EC.


  • Robust sensor for hydraulic/fluid applications
  • Small, space saving stainless steel construction
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • M12 or MIL electrical connection
  • 0 – 50 bar (Port size: G1/4)
  • Wide temperature range
  • Cold Test (DIN EN 60068-2-1:2008-01)
  • Dry heat (DIN EN 60068-2-2:2008-05)
  • Test on voltage peaks of the electrostatic discharge and the sensitivity of transient bursts (EN 50121-3-2:2007-07)
  • Shock & Vibration IEC/EN 61373: 1999, Category 2
  • Salt Spray testing 1000h (ISO 9227:2012-04)
  • Life time test (2 million switching cycles)

18D-LT X2


Pneumatic double threshold pressure switch.


  • Port size: G1/4, 1/4 NPT,  flange
  • Microswitch with gold plated contacts
  • High number of switching cycles
  • Microswitch approved  by UL and CSA
  • Intrinsically safe operation
  • Wide range of temperature
  • Shock and vibration resistant to EN 61373, Category 1, class A and B

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