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The Norgren brand is broad in range and specialist in nature, covering everything from pneumatic actuators and air preparation, through to proportional valves and high pressure regulators.

With over 80 years industry experience, the Norgren brand includes a wide range of high quality pneumatic and fluid control products such as actuators, air preparation products, pressure switches, fittings and valves.

Product Overview


Our range of pneumatic actuators is one of the most comprehensive available. From our high performance ISO ranges to our Lintra rodless actuators, all have our renowned quality guaranteed.

Air Preparation

The Norgren name is synonymous with air preparation products, going right back to 1927 when Carl Norgren first sketched out the design for the original FRL.

Directional Control Valves

Our valve range is extensive and includes inline, sub-base and valve islands, electrically and air operated, manual and mechanical valves, for compressed air and complex fluid control.


We offer a comprehensive range of fittings, including our popular push-in fittings available in composite, brass and stainless steel to suit a wide range of industrial applications.

Proportional Valves

Our range of proportional valves include analogue and digital, open or closed loop and flow or pressure control.

Switches & Sensors

Our pressure switches provide a range of different options for converting pressure changes into an electrical signal. Our range includes switches suitable for pneumatic and all fluid applications.

Excelon Plus

Excelon Plus is the latest generation of Norgren air preparation equipment, developed to meet the needs of today's customer. It offers exceptional performance, is compact and lightweight and is suitable for all industrial applications.

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VR Series Valve Manifolds

Flexibility and modularity have reached new levels with the Norgren VR Valve Manifold range. A simple plug-in, sub-base style design allows for valves to be easily exchanged for easy installation and maintenance. These valves are now available with the latest communication protocol options: PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, IO-Link Slave, Multipole for Industry 4.0 capabilities.

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P-Series NFPA Cylinders

Introducing P-Series from Norgren. This latest range of NFPA cylinders, offers a light and modernized design with standard adaptive cushions for changing speed and load to provide a "fit and forget" solution.

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