M50 Switch

Introducing the New M/50 Switch with IO-Link Capability

A magnetically operated solid state switch with standardized IO-Link capability, fully compatible with all IMI Norgren actuator ranges for an intelligent automation structure.

Standardized IO-Link technology allows actuators and sensors to become intelligently integrated into any process chain. The new M/50/IOP switch delivers end-to-end communication and monitoring of temperature and operating mode, as well as a cycle counter.

  • Conforms to IEC 61131-9
  • UL listed
  • Condition monitoring
  • Two LEDs provide status information
  • Available in 5m cable or M8 plug

Standard Mode

In Standard Mode, the new M/50/IOP switch incorporates a green LED to indicate power. A second orange LED is present to ensure the switch is installed at the optimum position relative to the cylinder Magnet.

IO-Link Mode

In addition to Standard Mode, IO- Link standardized technology allows actuators and sensors to become active participants in every process chain. The new M/50/IOP switch with the standardized wiring is suitable for end-to-end communication and is the perfect solution for easy configuration and integration into an intelligent automation structure. The IO device description (IODD) contains all information for specific configuration.


View the M/50 with IO-Link capability brochure to find out more.

M/50 Switch IO-Link Mode Demonstration


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