P-Series NFPA Cylinder

Introducing P-Series from Norgren. This latest range of NFPA pneumatic cylinders, offers a light and modernized design with standard adaptive cushions for changing speed and load to provide a "fit and forget" solution.

P-Series is designed to offer consistent and reliable performance in a broad range of industrial automation applications. This actuator allows for simple installation and operation, reducing complexity and promoting longer machine life.

Features and Advantages


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Multiple Bore Sizes

Choose from 1.50", 2.00", 2.50", 3.25" and 4.00".


CAD Configurator

Quickly & easily configure any cylinder for your application.


Quality Assurance & Availability

Extensive Inventory (100% in-house testing with an average lead time of 3 days).


Cylinder Mounting

Offer several mounting options to fit a wide range of requirements. Conform to NFPA standards.


Optional Ecology Seal 

For high impact applications to reduce vibration and noise.


Modern Design 

Offer reliable and consistent performance of an NFPA cylinder, along with versatile options for many applications.

ACS Adaptive Cushioning

The new "ACS" Adaptive Cushioning System provides a high performance pneumatic damping function. The cushion screw is preset at the factory and will cushion for a wide range of general applications.

Reduced Complexity

Universal mount and MS4 standard. Bolt on NFPA selection.

Suited for Wide Range of Applications


Food processing

Material handling

Industrial automation equipment


Integral switch mounting grooves on three sides of profile tube.

Various Options

Optional ecology piston seal, female thread, 5 bore sizes available, double rod and back to back configurations, passive locking unit, as well as various NFPA mounts available.

Technical Documents

Download our technical documentation to learn more about P-Series