Norgren Vacuum Products

The new Norgren line of vacuum products are engineered with “straight-through” single-stage venturi design, allowing dust and other contaminants to pass through without clogging or malfunction. This results in increased reliability, decreased downtime and higher productivity for your end customers.

Norgren Vacuum Advantage

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Improved Productivity

Designed for Dirt, Dust & Debris (in-line design allows contaminants to pass through, increasing reliability and reducing clogging)


Low Acquisition & Operating costs

Increased Savings (costs less to purchase and typically consumes less air than standard vacuum pumps)


Quality Assurance & Availability

100% in-house testing and extensive inventory available


Better Performance & Efficiency

High Flow Rates (quick response, fast evacuation times, overcomes leakage for safer handling)


No Maintenance or Repair Costs

No Downtime (no need to replace expensive filters or clean screens)

Custom Design & Manufacturing

Get What You Need(special materials and sizes available - stainless steel, PVC, Acetal, PEEK, PTFE


Vacuum Products


Venturi Vacuum Generators (NVP and NJ Series)


High Productivity – non-clogging design reduces downtime

Strong hold – powerful vacuum up to 28”Hg [948mbar]

Mounts Easily – compact and lightweight

Fast Response – installs close to vacuum point

Efficient – minimal air consumption

Reliable operation – straight-through design with no moving parts


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Variable Flow Vacuum Generators (NVDF Series)


Adjustable vacuum level and flow rate:

Powerful vacuum up to 25” Hg [847mbar]

High flow, up to 120 SCFM [3398 LPM]

Energy efficient – customer controlled with high performance to air consumption ratio

Safe operation:

No electricity needed at the pump

No heat generated


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Adjustable Air Amplifiers/Blowers (NCDF Series)


Multiply air by up to 40 time

Excellent for picking porous materials

Field adjustable for individual applications

Energy efficient, unlike regenerative blowers that must run continuously

Ideal for adverse operating conditions


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Material Conveying Pumps (NDF Series)


Easily moves a wide variety of materials

Efficient – instant on and off, for low operating costs

Fast response – installs close to vacuum point

Easy to install – connect tubing to the vacuum and exhaust ports, and supply compressed air

Safe operation – no electricity needed at the pump

Ideal for adverse operating conditions


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End-of-Arm Tooling (EOAT)



Standard End of Arm Tools for collaborative robots

Fully integrated Valve, vacuum pump and part detection

Stock solutions for quick delivery

Semi-custom tooling from modular components

Integrates easily with extruded aluminum

Quickly design new tools

Complete custom solution for challenging applications





Vacuum Cups and Fittings



Broad selection of shapes and sizes

Wide range of sizes – 0.09” to 7.9” in diameter

Flat and bellows cups available to provide flexibility

Round and oval cups

Non-contact vacuum pads

Variety of materials available

Dual durometer for long wear and excellent sealing

FDA-approved material

Metal detectable avoids contamination in food processing


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Increase safety, reliability and speed by using one pump and one cup at each location. Should one cup fail the others will maintain their grip.




 Remember that just a small change in diameter causes a large change in area - a 2x change in the diameter increases the area 4x.

No matter what your customers are moving, for safe, reliable, and productive vacuum technology, look no further than the new Norgren Vacuum product line. Our knowledgeable team has the experience to help you find the vacuum technology that fits your customer’s needs.

Contact our vacuum product team at to learn more. You can also view our product catalog or brochure for further information on the range.