Latest Products

Latest Products

Norgren continues to expand our world-class product portfolio, offering even more innovative engineering solutions. Our newest products deliver the same quality and value that our customers expect from Norgren. Continuing to represent the most trusted pneumatic and fluid control products in the industry.

Excelon Plus

The latest generation Air Preparation equipment developed to meet the needs of today's customer. It offers exceptional performance, is compact and light-weight with no compromise on robustness, and is suitable for all industrial applications.

P-Series NFPA Cylinders

Introducing P-Series from Norgren. This latest range of NFPA cylinders, offers a light and modernized design with standard adaptive cushions for changing speed and load to provide a "fit and forget" solution.

VR Series Valve Manifolds

Flexibility and modularity have reached new levels with the Norgren VR Valve Manifold range. A simple plug-in, sub-base style design allows for valves to be easily exchanged for easy installation and maintenance.

B17 Filter/Regulator

The B17 Filter/Regulator offers long-lasting performance in everyday Industrial Automation applications and can also hold up to repeated use in extreme conditions.

Roundline Plus Cylinders

Norgren has expanded the Roundline Plus Cylinder range to include a variety of additional options and features. Including Three Position, Non-Rotating, Stainless, Hole Punch, Tough Duty, Rod Lock and Hydraulic Roundline Cylinders.

Magnetically Coupled Rodless Cylinders

Magnetically Coupled Rodless Cylinders feature magnets on the carriage and piston that form a strong bond that holds them together. Common application uses include transferring product, feeding, opening doors, cutting, and more.

Vacuum Products

Norgren's new line of vacuum products are engineered with “straight-through” single-stage venturi design, allowing dust and other contaminants to pass through without clogging or malfunction. This results in increased reliability and higher productivity.

Electric Actuators

Norgren's new line of electric actuator products are engineered for precision control and robust performance. Our electric actuators are the best option for applications that require an alternative to pneumatic. Norgren electric actuators offer an easy to use, long-lasting solution that exceeds the competition in performance and value.

Compact Cylinders

Norgren's expanded compact cylinder ranges can accommodate a wide variety of applications. Our array of stroke lengths, bore sizes, mounting styles, and other options. Our new compact range includes the F-Plus Expanded Range and the Extruded Compact Expanded Range.

Manual Miniature Valves

The new Norgren line of miniature manual valve products are engineered with a closed crossover design and easy to use push button and toggles. This results in increased reliability with no false shifting, decreased downtime with millions of cycles resulting in higher productivity for your end customers.