Fluid Control Valves

Process can be defined as the transfer of fluid and/or solids in a pipe around a system - that medium could be compressed air, and also other substances including acids, alkalines, fuel, gas or steam. Process valves can be electrically or pilot operated handling clean and contaminated fluids. Body and seal materials can be selected to suit the application.

Solenoid Valves with Differential Pressure

These valves operate according to a differential pressure and make use of the pressure energy of the operating fluid to open and close the valve. This allows for lower power consumption and a higher pressure in your system.

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Solenoid Valves without Differential Pressure

Solenoid valves without pressure differential do not require any operating or differential pressure in your system to open or close, and operate from 0 bar upwards.

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KIP Fluid Control Valves

KIP Series solenoid valves are configurable 2-way and 3-way valves for a wide range of applications. The valves are used to control the flow of various liquid and gases.

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