Hydraulic Valves

Hydraulic Valves

Norgren’s line of high-quality hydraulic valves and controls are designed to meet the demands of your next engineering challenge – delivering high performance and reliable operation for use in industrial and mobile applications.​


Why choose Norgren Hydraulics?​

  • Performance - Norgren’s valve offerings provide high resolution control, linear volume flow pressure characteristics, and low nominal hysteresis and leakage rates. ​
  • Robust Reliability - Our hydraulic valves are designed, built and tested for reliable operation in industrial, energy, mobile and marine applications. ​
  • Integrated Solutions - Norgren is an experienced engineering solutions provider and will work with you to deliver product solutions that meet your specific requirements​.

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Proportional Spool Directional Control Valves

Norgren’s broad range of​ proportional directional control valves​ are available in both manifold mount​ and cartridge configurations. They feature robust and precise construction for low leakage, hysteresis and reliable operation. Their linear volume flow pressure characteristics allow for precise and repeatable speed and linear actuation control in industrial and mobile applications.​

Proportional Flow
Control Cartridge Valves

Norgren’s direct 2-way normally closed and 3-way ​operated proportional flow control​ cartridge valves are rated for pressures of up to 5000 psi (350 bar) and flows up to 21 gpm (80 l/min). These valves are ideal for speed regulation applications of actuators and hydraulic motors with precise and repeatable performance. Click on the data sheets for more information.​

Poppet Valves

Norgren’s suite of direct operated​ 2/2, 3/2, 3/4 and 4/3 way​ hydraulic poppet valves are available in both​ manifold mount and cartridge configurations.​ Our poppet valves feature fast response rates and leak free in their closed position. Applications include leakage free load holding, damping, and gripping, or true 4/3 directional control functionality. ​

Proportional Pressure Reducing Valves

​Norgren’s proportional pressure reducing cartridge valves are ideal for use in hydraulic systems that need frequent and precise adjustment. Pairs perfectly with Norgren's ​pilot operated proportional directional control valves.


Norgren’s electronics and controls for use with proportional valves are used to control current at the valve for highly sensitive control and low-hysteresis. Our electronic controllers/amplifiers utilize pulse width modulation and superimposed dither signal to control solenoid positions precisely. Parameters for controllers with SSI or optional digital USB interface can be adjusted through included intuitive parameterisation software PASO, allowing for further customization and flexibility. ​