Product & Solution Brochures

We have a wide selection of brochures that focus on our high performance products and solutions. Each brochure can be viewed online, downloaded and printed.

Actuator Brochures

IVAC Actuators

Read how IVAC features integrated valve and magnetically operated switches for complete actuator control.

Air Preparation Brochures

AMT Compressed Air Dryers

Read how our AMT Rail Dryer improves reliability and durability for rail compressed air applications.

Excelon® Plus

Read how our latest generation of Norgren air preparation has been developed to meet the needs of today's customers.

Instrument Air & Gas Preparation

Read how our instrument gas and air preparation solutions protect sensitive and expensive instrumentation and controls from water, oil and particle contamination.

Valve Brochures

ICO4-PST Solenoid Valves

Read about the IMI Maxseal ICO4-PST, the first smart solenoid valve with fully integrated partial stroke testing.

Proportional Valves

View our extensive range of proportional valves - analogue and digital, open or closed loop, flow or pressure control.

Redundant Valve Manifold (RVM)

Read how our redundant valve manifold system (RVM) combines safety and availability in a single convenient package.

KIP Brochure

Find out more about our complete line of KIP solenoid valves, manifold assemblies, and custom solutions for your application.

Solution Brochures

Safe Systems

Read about our proven products for safer pneumatic systems.


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