Pneumatic Motion

Norgren is a provider of an unrivalled, premium range of high performing and reliable pneumatic solutions for all motion control needs. A one-stop shop for the entire compressed air and pneumatic system, from respected product brands including Norgren, Buschjost and Herion.

Correct compressed air preparation is essential for optimum performance of your pneumatic ring-main and equipment. Norgren are experts in Air Preparation FRL's and our range has been at the forefront of industry for many years. Our product ranges, including Excelon Plus and Olympian Plus are available individually or as combination units.

In automation applications, valves can be as simple or complex as required. We have one of the worlds largest ranges of valves ranging from those used in everyday applications to those with an MTBF value of over 800 years.

Valve Islands, also known as valve manifolds or system valves are commonly used to reduce assembly and downtime, and provide easier fault diagnosis. Our product ranges include VR, VM & VS and all are configured individually to suit your needs and application.

Pneumatic cylinders, often referred to as pneumatic actuators or drives, are used to provide motion and force. Norgren offers both single and double acting cylinders and all corresponding accessories & mountings. Our pneumatic cylinder ranges include ISOLine profile cylinders, roundline cylinders, compact cylinders and Lintra rodless cylinders. All Norgren motion control products are developed to improve productivity, reliability and efficiency of equipment, to generate significant energy and cost savings, and lower the total cost of ownership for our customers.

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