Process Control Valves

Norgren has a long history delivering industry leading process control solutions that enable customers to reduce costs, consume less energy, and upscale productivity.

Process can be defined as the transfer of fluid and/or solids in a pipe around a system - that medium could be compressed air, and also other substances including acids, alkalines, fuel, gas or steam. Process valves can be electrically or pilot operated handling clean and contaminated fluids. Body and seal materials can be selected to suit the application.

Our products include both direct and indirect acting solenoids, pressure operated valves and motorised valves. Our leading dust filter valves are available as individual parts or our configurable full filter tank manifold system. We cover all the main connection types of threaded connection ports and the flange arrangements for main ports, as well as NAMUR interfaces for our control valves.

All Norgren process control valves are developed to maintain operational efficiencies in extreme environments, including intense temperature and pressure ranges. Our process control product brands include Norgren, Buschjost, Herion and Maxseal.

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