Innovation- Solving the customer challenges of tomorrow with agility, stability, and credibility

Innovation with purpose means unearthing cutting-edge technology and system solutions that ensure businesses are more efficient, can reduce costs, consume less energy, and upscale productivity, and collaborating with highly motivated start-ups with exciting ideas.

Innovation with purpose

Initiatives such as Growth Hub are allowing us to identify, design, refine, and develop, the flexible, high performing and sustainable solutions customers and wider society need to successfully overcome the challenges they face. Pushing the boundaries of possible - our business-wide commitment to innovation that makes a real difference - is the key driver powering the Norgren success story.

The powerful combination of Norgren’s reputation for worldwide engineering expertise, its unrivalled heritage, a collaborative ‘customer-first’ philosophy and a focus on agile innovation, means partnership, not just product supply, underpins our successful working relationships with customers around the globe. Relationships that draw upon innovative thinking to help spot growth opportunities within existing and emerging commercial landscapes.

Breakthrough Engineering for a Better World

Continued outreach to customers to better understand and share pain points, as well as an ongoing resource pledge that generates new ideas, new solutions, and new approaches, are propelling Norgren’s innovation journey to deliver Breakthrough Engineering for a Better World, across the Transportation, Industrial Automation, Life Science, Hydrogen and Process Control industries and beyond.


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