Marvellous Machines

We know engineers are passionate about creating machines to tackle the world’s most demanding engineering challenges. Our ideas, our people, our products, our service; it’s all here to help keep our customers’ machines – and our world – moving faster, safer and more efficiently. Imagine the possibilities when we work together…

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Today's Marvellous Machines

Sharing your passion for your machines, we’re always here with expertise, guidance and custom solutions to keep them moving, faster, safer and more efficiently.

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Marvellous Machines in History

We know engineers are passionate about machines and we want to celebrate the way in which marvellous machinery and inventions have changed our world throughout history.

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Marvellous Service

We’re ready to support your next challenge. With market-leading technical support, easy online ordering, and a powerful app that finds replacement parts, fast. It’s all part of the service to keep your machines moving.

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Marvellous Machines in Action

We're ideas makers. Creators of motion. Applying our imagination to help you keep your machines moving, in everything from Industrial Automation to rail. Working with you, we help render your vision real.


Just imagine what else we could do for you…

Marvellous Products

Our product range pushes the boundaries of industrial automation, from mining and textiles to food and beverage. We apply our imagination and expertise to create innovative components and ingenious solutions that keep the marvellous machines of industry moving, safely and efficiently.



Introducing the new Excelon Plus range

It offers exceptional performance, is compact and light-weight with no compromise on robustness, and is suitable for all industrial applications.

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Introducing the VM Series Valve Islands

Offering market leading flow rates, almost unlimited configuration and a choice of connectivity now including PROFINET IRT and EtherNet/IP.

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New M/50 Switch with IO-Link Capability

Our new M/50 Switch with IO-Link Capability makes actuators and sensors active participants in every process chain.

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FASPROP is a low flow proportional valve for precision gas dosing or mixing, mass flow or volumetric flow control and pressure control.

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ICO4-PST Smart Solenoid Valve

The ICO4-PST is the first fully integrated partial stroke testing solution with the control system built into the market leading IMI Maxseal ICO4 solenoid valve.

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Introducing ISOLine™

IMI Norgren ISOLine™ is a true fit and forget ISO cylinder that’s as reliable as it is robust.

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The FAS FLEXISOL is a two-way or three-way valve with a footprint of just 6.5mm – ideal for easy integration in compact environments.

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Type 220 Modular I/P Pilot

Capable of controlling in excess of 1 bar pressure while using one-thousandth of the power of an energy saving lightbulb.

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Introducing the VS Series Valve Islands

Plug and play, modular valve islands with a choice of connectivity now including PROFINET IRT and EtherNet/IP.

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Flange Valves

Introducing the new larger sized DN 65, DN 80 and DN 100 flanged valves - a completely new generation of flange valves.

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