Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen gas contains a lot of chemical energy. Uniting hydrogen gas with oxygen, produces water and heat, however, Hydrogen can be harnessed as a valuable fuel source using fuel cells.

Fuel cells works much like electric batteries. They convert chemical energy into electrical energy, but do not run down or need recharging. The movement of charged hydrogen ions across an electrolyte membrane generates a current when fuel is supplied. Here, the hydrogen ions recombine with oxygen to produce water – a fuel cell’s only emission.

Hydrogen, as a fuel source, is set to play an increasingly crucial role helping the commercial vehicle industry to address the ongoing environmental challenges they face, particularly achieving net reductions in CO2 emissions from heavy duty vehicles and buses. The developments of hydrogen fuel cell technology and performance will offer companies a pathway to successfully operate zero emission vehicles going forward.

Increase efficiency, control the temperature, and control the air supply to fuel cells for optimal performance.

Supporting balance-of-plant (BoP) in Fuel Cells

With over 35 years’ experience partnering with global Commercial Vehicle and Rail manufacturers and operators, Norgren continues to work closely with customers to develop solutions which address their specific needs.  We provide breakthrough engineering solutions for transportation applications to operate efficiently, to control the temperature and air supply to fuel cells for optimised performance. 

Our market leading products combine to create an extensive range of proven valve and pressure control solutions for BoP in Fuel Cells including:

Air Process & Thermal Management

3/2-way Motorised Valve & 2/2-way Motorised Valve

  • Proportional control with minimum lag
  • 2.5 W low power consumption, large flow
  • Ultra-low friction ball valve technology
  • Impurity tolerance
  • Wide temperature range
  • IP6K9K protection level
  • Chemically compatible with multiple coolants
  • Electrochemical neutral
  • Oil and grease free options
  • High resolution potentiometer
  • Comply with ECE R10 certification
  • Can withstand the highest-pressure value

Fuel Process - Hydrogen Supply

Inlet Manifold with Ejector & Without Ejector

  • Integrated solutions for on-off valve, proportional valve, safety valve, pressure sensors, heating panel and Ejectors
  • Significantly reduce pipeline connections and reduce the risk of hydrogen leakage
  • Easy installation, compact footprint
  • Types and configurations of integrated parts are optional, W or Wl/0 Ejectors
  • Open or close loop proportional control with diagnose feedback
  • Accurate flow adjustment, fast response
  • Long life, high reliability solenoid valve design
  • Inlet pressure: 16 bar
  • Electrical interface: flying wire or AMP Superseal series connector
  • Pneumatic interface: customisable Material: Aluminium Alloy 6061
  • High efficiency of Ejectors (Patented)

Fuel Process Purge System

Gas Purge Valve & Water Drain Valve

  • Mature existing CV technology adopted
  • Media isolated against corrosive media IP6K9K protection level
  • Stainless steel body material for water drain application
  • Optional Aluminium Body for gas purge application
  • Optional flow rate



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